Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Teaser Tuesday: January 13, 2008

So today we are doing two teasers. One from Ally and one from Chelle. And this is totally serious, we are actually reading these books! No lie.

Ally's Teaser from 'N Sync: Tearin' Up the Charts

"How on earth are you going to decide which N*Sync guy will be your dream date? Apparently, you have all five to choose from as they are all available."

Sidebar: Obviously this is really old since two of them are married, JT is with Jessica Biel, Lance has a hot boyfriend, and I am not really sure what happened to Chris Kirpatrick.

Chelle's Teaser from Meet the Stars of Dawson's Creek

"That freedom can bring about once in a lifetime happiness, like first kisses and lazy days with friends chasing seagulls along a windswept beach, but it can also bring about heartache and sadness. For better or worse, the choices someone makes today at fifteen can completely change the path his or her life takes forever."

Alright, there are our teasers. If any of you have a burning desire to read either of these books we do have them available at the library. If you are looking for something else find more teasers here.


Anonymous said...

What did ever happen to Chris? I always liked his cornrows and stuff. Someone said he has a clothing line, and I know he did a voice over for the Fairly Odd do I know this stuff?

Anonymous said...

OMG what funny book choices! I use to love *NSYNC. I don't remember if I had that book or not but I remember a book just about JT - probably still on the bookshelf back home. LOL

Wythe County Public Library Youth Services said...

We have a bunch of these books at our library. We have the Backstreet Boys, several N*Sync books, Five, and 98 degrees. It is so fun to look through all of them!

Unknown said...

Great teasers and side-comments! I also love the new background. I enjoyed the other, but this one is easier to read!

Here's my Teaser! ~ Wendi

Wythe County Public Library Youth Services said...

Hey this is Lis, the comment about the Justin Timberlake book made me laugh really hard. I always thought he was so lame. Hahah he seems conceited. Maybe in real life he is like this valiant humble kind of guy, but his stage persona is kind of a word I cannot say because of younger readers. LOL, my big crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas. He was my JTT...LOVED HIM. Oh my stars I loved him so hard. I am not even sure what happened to him. I can remember when I was 14 and he did an aritcle for a gay friendly magazine everyone started saying that was his subtle way of coming out of the closet. My cousin (who is gay) laughed, but also felt a little sorry for me that my dream of getting married to JTT and having beautiful children was ruined.