Thursday, December 18, 2008

Movie Day and other Randomness

Quick reminder...On Friday we are playing Christmas movies for people of all ages at the Wythe County Public Library. School closes early and I know that everyone wants to celebrate Christmas break. So...tell your younger siblings and relatives, tell your parents, and tell your friends. Unlike some other events that are happening in town on Friday and Saturday this is totally FREE!!! We even provide snacks and drinks. Due to the restrictions in our movie license we can't put the movie titles down here, but here is a schedule with some really obvious hints:

1:00-2:00~ A movie about some misfits, an elf who wants to be a dentist, and a foggy Christmas Eve
2:00-2:30~ Bring your Peanuts along to hunt for the perfect Christmas Tree
2:30-4:00~ Join us and Ralphie for a classic (and remember to tell Santa you want a BB gun)
4:00-5:30~ Come see Jessica Biel before she ever knew JT and see JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) before he dropped off the Hollywood radar.

If you guys can't figure out what these movies are you can always come see Ally and me at the library. We are ALWAYS here and we love seeing you guys (not that we are desperate for your company or anything)

Blog posts may be sporadic through the beginning of the year with the holidays and the library being closed several days. But we will be back in January with some excitement (we hope). Hopefully some local teens will be doing book reviews and we will have some more programs going on as well. We are kicking off our volunteer program in January as well. Don't forget about us if you need community service hours or padding for your college applications. There is a large variety of things to do here and it is indoors out of the bad weather. Also, kids are FUN!!!! So come in and fill out a volunteer application and get started today!