Monday, November 23, 2009

Announcements and Changes

Hi everybody, I just wanted to take a few minutes and give you guys an update. Alissa and I both got new jobs. It was honestly a surprise, and also completely unplanned that we both would be leaving at the same time. Alissa started her new job last week, and so far she is really enjoying it. I am so happy that she has been given the opportunity to work in a field that she loves, even though I was not looking forward to not having her at work everyday. Shortly after she received her job offer, I also received a job offer. My new job will be directly related to the degree I earned in college, so I am excited that after five years I'll actually have the chance to use some of what I learned. However, leaving this job is one of the hardest things I have done in recent years. This has honestly been the best job that I have ever had. I love books, I love kids, tweens, and teens, and I absolutely love introducing people to a book and having them fall in love with it. I will miss this job so much, but as time goes on I have to face the fact that I am a grown-up and have grown-up goals that can't be met right now. I will still be at the library on a part time basis until Christmas at least, and I will always be a dedicated patron and volunteer. I have loved the library since I was a little girl, and I don't see that changing. So, thank you all for making this experience so fantastic for me (and Alissa as well.)

Now, on to the other news. I will keep this blog running until the beginning of the year, but once new youth services people are hired I don't know what will happen to it. Even though I haven't been the most faithful blogger, I have really enjoyed having this here as a resource for local kids who can't always get into the library. Hopefully, whoever takes over next will continue this blog, but I don't know. All I can tell you is keep checking in for updates. Just in case the new people don't want to take on this project, I have a started a blog. I started it for a few reasons. 1) I like talking about books, 2) I'm afraid that this blog will not continue after I'm gone and I want the people who have been following to have some where to go, and 3) I enjoy having somewhere to talk about the things I like. The new blog is my personal blog so there is the chance that there will be posts about more than just books, movies, or CDs, but there will still be a ton of book stuff on there as well. So, if you're interested you can visit me here, feel free to follow or comment and let me know what you think.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

To Re-read or Not Re-Read

Yesterday one of my librarian pals had a question in her facebook status. The question was "When it comes to the Harry Potter books, how many times is too many times in regard to re-reading?" My response? You can never re-read them too many times. I am a huge fan of re-reading novels. I don't know how many times I have read the Harry Potter series, and each time I love them more and more. There are numerous other books that I have read over and over again, including Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, all of John Green's books, Twilight, and many more. I also do this crazy thing where if a book is part of a series I have to re-read all of the previous books each time a new book comes out. Part of this is due to the fact that I read so many books and part of it is that I don't want to have memories gaps when I am reading the newest novel. Also, a huge part of it is that I just love books. It is rare for me to hate anything that I read, and if I love a book I want to experience it over and over again. So, how do you all feel about re-reading books? And if you don't re-read books what do you do with books you purchase after you have read them once?