Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Teaser Tuesday (On a Wednesday)

Today's Teaser comes from Max by James Patterson. It is the fifth book in the Maximum Ride series. Enjoy!

"Fang dropped my hand to put his arm around my shoulders, his warmth searing my skin through my jacket. I really, really hoped that I hadn't suddenly sprouted a catrillion new nerve endings."


Anonymous said...

soo youu said you love it when people write what kind of books they would love at the library well i have a couple :]

(note you might actually have some of these in the library)

1.Crash Into Me by: Simon Pulse.
2.When You Reach Me by: Rebecca Stead
3.The Treasure Maps of Boys by: E. Lockhart. (series to The Boyfriend List and The Boy Book)
4. Imaginary Enemy by: Julie Gonzalez
5.Before I Die by: Jenny Downham
6. Big Fat Manifesto by: Susan Vaught
7. Black Rabbit Summer by: Kevin Brooks
8. The Market by: J.M. Steele
9. Peeled by: Joan Bauer
10. Someone Like Summer by: M.E. Kerr
11. 1984 by: George Orwell
12. November Blues by: Sharon M. Draper
13. Cruel Summer by: Alyson Noel
14. Letters To A Bullied Girl by: Olivia Gardner, with Emily and Sarah Buder
15.Living Dead Girl by: Elizabeth Scott
16.Pater Towns by: John Green

...i dont know the name of it. haha

btw, if youur looking for some good books, you could just go on they usually have all the good stuff :]

ps, thanks :D

Andrea said...

Oh, I need to read that one. I didn't realize it was coming out. Great teaser!

Wythe County Public Library Youth Services said...

ChelseyRae5: Of that list the only books we have are Paper Towns and 1984. Although one of our sister libraries has The Boy Book and The Boyfriend List. Thank you so much for your suggestions and please keep them coming =D

Andrea: I didn't know that Max was out either and was really surprised to find it in my inbox! So far it is great!