Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Soooo...Made of Awesome YA author Maureen Johnson is doing this really cool thing in April called BEDA. Basically, she is going to blog EVERY DAY IN APRIL. I would love to do this, but am concerned because this is a library blog and we aren't really supposed to blog about things that aren't really library related. However, I am going to do my best to blog every day in April about various library related things. Well...that or Ally and I will do a ton of those memes that are posted all over the Internet. Either way hopefully there will be something for you all to read!!! Let me know if you have any suggestions about what I can blog on. Are there things you would like to know, questions you would like answered, books/movies/music you would like reviewed? Let me know and I will try to accommodate you. Although, be warned...if you want something crazy long reviewed then you may just get several links to other reviews, I am just one (very busy) woman!!! =)

**Also if anyone is interested there are several of my favorite YouTubers who are considering doing this as well, only it will be VEDA...if you want links let me know because it will be hilarious. I also plan on having links to any YA authors who plan on participating.


Wythe County Public Library Youth Services said...

well I have a lot to say about things that are NOT library related. Like how construction workers are important but do they have to block our driveway and entire street to do their work, and then act like I am burdening THEM by needing to get out and go to work!?!


Wythe County Public Library Youth Services said...

Can you guys tell I was late getting to work today. Not that the late part bothered me, but I was slightly annoyed by the cat calls as I went to move my car in my bathrobe....PS Rochelle's car is dead in my yard. They didnt like that either. Here are things I am against today, bulldozers, punction and cold medicine. So yeah, but I am not bitter or anything.


Wythe County Public Library Youth Services said...

GRRR PUNCTUATION!! and apparently spelling

Wythe County Public Library Youth Services said...

Has now banned Ally from the comments section...sorry for various outbursts ^-^