Monday, January 12, 2009


On January 30, 2009 we are having another Movie Day at the Wythe County Public Library. You guys know that we can't tell you what we are showing unless you actually come into the library (due to our license) but I am going to post our schedule here.

10-11~Kid's movie about a famous street on PBS
11-12:30~Kid's movie based on an elephant made famous by Dr. Seuss
1-2:30~ Kid's family about a chinese bear who knows karate
2:30-4:00~ Family movie based on a series of juvenile books about twin boys, their sister, and the faerie realm
4-5:30~ Teen Movie about a family who travels to the center of the planet.

If you guys have any trouble figuring out what we are playing come in and we will let you know. As always we will have free popcorn, drinks, and snacks. If there are three more snow dates in Wythe County then the date will be rescheduled for February 6, 2009.

Also we have already started planning things for SRP 2009. The YA theme is Express Yourself @ Your Library. It's a pretty cool theme and we have some really cool things planned for you guys. I will post more on SRP later when we have everything finalized.

One other thing we have starting up is our Teen Volunteer Program. We have so many things that you all can do here that are fun and easy. This is a great way for everyone to earn community services hours and look good on college applications in a few years. Some of the tasks we have are assembling crafts, crowd control at SRP (and other) programs, writing book reviews for this blog, shelving books, planning teen programs, helping us run any program for the little kids, and many more. I am also going to do a follow up for this too once we get approval from the board about what all you guys are allowed to do.

So if you guys have any questions comment, email, or come by and see Ally and me. We are here every weekday from 9-6.